Quarry Park, Riverbend, Douglasdale Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Clinical trials shows that where medications fail deep tissue massage therapy is the "go to" therapy for pain relief and its unwanted associated effects. Regular exercise and stretching though tones our body however deeper muscles needs targeted manipulation to condition, tone as well as push out the toxins. This massage can also be tailored to treat many acute as well chronic conditions.
Book 30 mins $49
Book 45 mins $69
Book 1 Hr $99
Book 1.5 Hr $129
Book 2 Hr $189

Deep Tissue Massage with Cupping Therapy

Canada has fine tuned the ancient medicine of cupping therapy. Originated in China, cupping therapy basically uses "suction" cups to pull back or "draw" the fascia and superficial muscles. This is basically like mechanically stretching of tissues to improve flow of blood. (Hence the reddishness). 

At Renewz our therapists are Canadian trained to use cupping the proper way. Please note that unlike popular notion, we are not using "fire" to create suction, we use simple suction pumps and manipulation as per our therapeutic training only.
Book 1 Hr $109
Book 1.5 Hr $139

Relaxation  Massages

Massage is a most benefecial way to relax both mind and body. Relaxation massages aims at facilitating increased blood circulation with slow and rythmic manipulations called swedish massage technique . This lowers blood pressure as well as stress levels. 
Book 45 mins $69
Book 1 Hr $99
Book 1.5 Hr $129
Book 2 Hr $189

Prenatal Massage

Research reports that receiving theraputic massage during pregnancy depression, anxiety, leg and back pain. Thier labors were on an average 3 hours shorter. Book a prenatal massage withour expert theapists today.
Book 1 Hr $129
Book 1.5 Hr $149

 Currently Not Available Couples Massages

Massage is one of thehealth activities which is mutually benefecial if you have company. From the obvious of "getting a ride" to just plain motivation.

NOTE For online Bookings : Please book online for one and we will contact you after arranging

Quick Chair Massage

Very busy? no time to take care of the knots on your back? All we need is just half an hour of your time, come to us and our therapist  will privide a swift treatment on our therapeutic chair. Feel renewed and energized for your meeting now.
Book 30 mins $39

Student Massage (Not Available currently)

Renewz grooms future massage therapists and gives them an opportunity work with clients and gain expereince as well as be of service to our community. Only second year students practice massage therapy with Renewz

Book 1 Hr $49